3d animated horses
3d animated horses Horse_Vray_01 Horse_Vray_02 Horse_Vray_03_Maya_01 Horse_Vray_03_Maya_02 Horse_Vray_04 Horse_Vray_04_3dsMax_01 Horse_Vray_04_3dsMax_02 Horse_Vray_04_3dsMax_03 Horse_Vray_04_3dsMax_04 Horse_Vray_04_Blender Horse_Vray_04b_Blender Horse_Vray_05 Horse_Vray_05_C4D Horse_Vray_06 Horse_Vray_07 Horse_Vray_08 Horse_Vray_09 Horse_Vray_10 Horse_Vray_11 Horse_Vray_12 Horse_Vray_13 Horse_Vray_14 Horse_Vray_15 Horse_Vray_16 Horse_Vray_17 Horse_Vray_18 Horse_Vray_19 Horse_Vray_20 Horse_Vray_21 Horse_Vray_22 Horse_Vray_23 Horse_Vray_24 Horse_Vray_25 Horse_Vray_26 Horse_Vray_27 Horse_Vray_28 Horse_Vray_29 Horse_Vray_30 Horse_Vray_31 Horse_Vray_32 Horse_Vray_33 Horse_Vray_34 Horse_Vray_36 Horse_Vray_37 Horse_Vray_38 Horse_Vray_39 Horse_Vray_40 Horse_Vray_41 Horse_Vray_43 Horse_Vray_44 Horse_Vray_45 Horse_Vray_46 Horse_Vray_47 Horse_Vray_48 Horse_Vray_49 Horse_Vray_50 Horse_Vray_51 Horse_Vray_52 Horse_Vray_53 Horse_Vray_54 Horse_Vray_55 Horse_Vray_56 Horse_Vray_57 Horse_Vray_58 Horse_Vray_59 Horse_Vray_60 Horse_Vray_61 Horse_Vray_62 Horse_Vray_63 Horse_Vray_64

Animated Horses v5


Realistic animated horses including saddle, reins and horseshoes.

13 animations, 3 hair styles, 25 skin materials.

Unicorn variation included.

Clean topology and high resolution textures (4k to 8k).

Fully rigged and animated.

Maya (.ma, .mb)3ds Max (.max)Cinema 4D (.c4d)Blender (.blend)Alembic (.abc)Autodesk FBX (.fbx)OBJ (.obj)

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Realistic animated horses including saddle, reins and horseshoes.
Unicorn variation included.

    • 3 Different hair styles and 25 skin materials
    • Clean topology and high resolution textures (4k to 8k)
    • Texture based muscle system (3ds Max only)
  • Fully rigged and animated (100-1500) including the following loopable animations:
    1. Walk (loop 155-181)
    2. Trot (loop 212-232)
    3. Canter (loop 274-286)
    4. Gallop (loop 325-338)
    5. Jump (340-440)
    6. Bite attack (441-520)
    7. Stand breathing (521-620)
    8. Shrugging head (621-750)
    9. Waving tail (751-865)
    10. Scratching ground (866-1005)
    11. Feeding (1006-1200)
    12. Rise and Stand on back legs (1201-1350)
    13. Death (rise and fall to ground) (1370-1500)
  • 3ds Max 2020 – Vray, Arnold & Standard
  • Maya 2020 – Arnold & Vray
  • Cinema 4D S22 (Standard Render)
  • Blender 3.60 (Cycles) , Polygonal Hair
  • Alembic (Animation, Velocity, UV’s, Polygonal Hair, Spline/NURBS Hair Guides) Ogawa format
  • FBX (Rig, Animation, Polygonal Hair & Spline Hair Guides)
  • OBJ (Static Geometry, UV´s, Textures)








Technical data

Textures Hi-res and very detailed textures, up to 8K
Shaders PBR Materials & Textures included for Black, Brown, Brown Dark, Brown Light, Brown Light Mottled, Brown Pale Dark, Brown Pale Light, Champagne, Chestnut, Chestnut Mottled, Chestnut White, Cream, Light Gray, Mottled Gray, Pale, Pearl Dark, Pearl Mottled, Percheron, Pinto, Pinto Black, Pinto Bright, Pinto Light and White.
Black, Blonde, Brown, Red and White Hair included with Long & Short styles (Caches included).


Horse 5.396 5.406
Saddle 19.278 18.138
Reins 15.418 14.378




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